Ah, the annoying witticisms of the modern professor speaking to my premed colleges and I. “Some of you are too caught up with this idea of ‘helping people’. You should be thinking of it along the lines of ‘healing,’ or ‘sharing compassion,’ or [insert vague 50 cent synonym here].” Alright, I get it—we can’t be trite with our views other wise the boot of the Med School will surely kick our asses all the way to Mongolia and back, but I have a hard time with this blatant denial of a kid’s acquired motivation. If a kid wants to “help people” and is too damn naive to come up with ‘mature understanding’ of their motives, no amount of word flinging is going to resolve that. I argue that ‘helping people’ is a good starting point. If the words really mean something to you, then it’s downright noble to start with that raw, tabula rassa sentiment. Why are we discouraging our youth from ‘helping’? Oh, right because the gods that be are not aroused by the idea of ‘helping’. To be fair, I am in the boat of the wisecracks who try to be unique: my desire is probably to fuck the system and find a way to empower folks who deserve to stop being dissapointed with the lives they are living. Some 50 cent bullshit in there, too? Sure, but I want to be clear, that involves helping people too. Telling a college freshman that they need to contort their means to an end in order to look good is very different than telling him to actually start thinking about the means of the means of that end. Ask us what helping people means, not that we shouldn’t want to help…it just alienates students from their ability to be successful. “If you have more motivation than ‘helping people’ congratulations, you are capable of being a physician.” —Bullshit, we’re all capable, some of us just have a better vocabulary.

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Lee Ufan - From Line (1980)
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Viktor Madarász. The Mourning of László Hunyadi, 1859.
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(via Rasputin and Radputin - Chris Piascik)
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Exit Music (For a Film)

TRACKExit Music (For a Film)
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Gabriel Linares
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Stefan Ress
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Weird Fishes is the choice theme song for my future wedding


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Artist Name: Amy Moen
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Easter Wave
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